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Assist clients to make the most of their money by pointing them in the right direction

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Maryanne Maina

Maryanne Maina

As the head of marketing at BoE Private Clients, Nandipha Solomon is involved in the management of wealth.

This requires her to prepare marketing and brand strategies, manage events and her marketing team, develop media strategies, as well as get involved in advertising campaigns.

"It is important to understand our clients' relationship and their money. We then provide financial solutions to them on in-depth estate plans, trust accounts, investments, retirement plans, stock-broking accounts, leveraged finance, basic home-loans and the more complex specialist finance," said Solomon.

Although she has a background in Law, she has become a marketing professional through working in the field.

"I started as an assistant business analyst at Metropolitan Life and was promoted to a marketing strategist. I've also worked in diverse organisations," said Solomon.

"Every past working experience informs my knowledge and application. I enjoy the balance between the cerebral engagement at business strategy level and the creative engagement when all the advertisements and corporate identity mechanisms are designed and delivered."

She said that she gained international experience by working in the UK at the SA Tour as an assistant general manager.

Her duties included coordinating, facilitating and managing the effective marketing of South Africa in the UK.

Her working day begins at 9am and ends after 6pm depending on the deadline.

She also travels regularly to their other offices in the country in her capacity as an executive committee member.

"It is challenging to ensure that the strategy is explained adequately to everyone. It takes a lot of time and effort to have dialogue, and this needs to be done while the actual execution is taking place.

"We all have a common understanding and goal of what we need to achieve and then actually achieving it in the most effective way.

"Team cohesiveness is tested most when the pressure's on, so when there's conflict in a team we need to know that our basic point of departure is one of trust," said Solomon.

The wealth management industry has a lot of potential worldwide.

However, this depends on a steady economic growth.

The salary depends on the company.


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