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Let's move away from race-based parties, leaders

By unknown | Oct 11, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

With all the noise made about the upcoming ANC conference and the leadership battle, one would think there is only one political party in this country.

South Africa has more than 46million people eligible to vote and more than a dozen political parties. It really baffles me that our fate has to be decided by just one party whose leaders don't seem to have voters' interests at heart.

Why should we let a few power-hungry individuals take centre stage at our expense? The ANC has been in power for more than a decade but all we've been subjected to has been corruption, scandals and questionable decisions. No longer can they make tedious excuses about apartheid, that phase is now part of history.

It's encouraging to see the DA put up a fight in Cape Town but that's only one of nine provinces. Let's see them fight for people's needs all over the country. To succeed as a nation we need not have blacks voting for black-led parties and whites voting for white-led parties. Let's rather vote for leaders who are not obsessed with race and power but the interests of the people. They are hard to find but certainly exist.

The upcoming ANC conference is not a national election, the media frenzy around it mustn't fool us. ANC members will elect ANC leaders but South African citizens will elect the party to take them forward and it doesn't have to be the ANC.

Lwazi Stuurman, East London


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