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Jammin', just jammin'

By unknown | Oct 02, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

American steel-pan player Andy Narell gave a scintillating performance at the Jamming Sundays jazz session at the Party House, Northgate Mall, on Sunday.

However, the crowd that came to watch him perform gave him a respectful reception but had a lukewarm reaction to his music.

Performing with a South African band that included guitar genius Louis Mhlanga, the crowd seemed to appreciate Mhlanga's guitar riffs more than they did the world-renowned steel-pan player.

This was evident when Mhlanga performed his respected song Shamwari and the audience called for more from him.

But Narell gave his best, and for those who are familiar with his sound, it was a good performance.

But the evening seemed to belong to Afro-jazz-folk musician Selaelo Selota.

The crowd simply loved him, with women screaming when he did his traditional routine, taking off his shirt.

The guitarist also recorded his DVD live during his performance.

By the time he called it quits, at about 10pm, everybody had had fun and you could tell they had enjoyed the evening by their satisfied smiles as they filed out of the venue, going home.

This was a memorable gig that will linger in many people's minds for a long time.


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