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House of horrors

By unknown | Sep 26, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Two years ago, Tumi Makibela signed an offer to buy land and since then her life has been plunged into misery.

Two years ago, Tumi Makibela signed an offer to buy land and since then her life has been plunged into misery.

Makibela signed an offer to buy a stand in Cosmo City in northern Johannesburg with a building package of a house for R260400.

She said the agreement was that monthly bond instalments would be paid after the house was completed or when she moved into the house.

M5 Dimension Home Loans handled her application. No deposit had to be paid. Later, she obtained finance from Absa.

After signing all the documents, Makibela asked her agent to alter the house plan because she did not like the one designed on paper.

"I was told to sign all the progress-plan payment forms in one day, even though they had not started building.

"I was told to do so to allow Absa to release the funds, but I discovered later that this was not the procedure and I only had to sign after each stage of the house was completed," said Makibela.

When she received an SMS from Dimension last April telling her the house was finally registered in her name, she started dreaming about occupying it and about the furniture she would buy.

By the end of April, Absa had paid R97551, but Dimension had not laid a single brick, claiming the city council was delaying the building process.

Makibela said their stories about delays differed all the time.

"If my file was not missing, they were waiting for approval from council. If not that, there was a backlog from their side regarding Cosmo City Development," said Makibela.

In January this year, her house was still not built.

Makibela then wrote a letter to Absa cancelling her loan. Only then did the developers start building her house, she said.

"This was after I had received the go-ahead from Absa to cancel the contract and had communicated with an attorney to help me do it," she said.

Makibela later discovered that the individual who had accepted her cancellation letter did not process it.

"Absa said Tumi Senyane is not working for the bank any longer and that they have no record of me cancelling the loan on their system," Makibela complained.

Last month, Absa wrote a letter saying they will not release the balance of the funds because the builder has exceeded the building duration and that they now only have 60 days to complete the house.

"I have seen the house. It's incomplete and positioned in a strange way. The lounge is at the back of the house and the bedrooms are at the entrance of the house.

"There are no windows in the front of the house and you cannot see what is happening at the gate, so you have to physically go out of the house to see what's happening outside.

"The doors of the kitchen and lounge are next to each other. There is no logic in that. What is the point? What will happen if or when there is a fire?"

The estate agents who have evaluated the house has said that it would not be sellable, Makibela said.

She said the builders have arrogantly told her that she has no claim against them, after receiving about R113565 from Absa.

M5 Developers and Dimension Home Loans have not responded to these allegations for the past two weeks.


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