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Spare the discipline and spoil the child

By unknown | Sep 21, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

It's disheartening to read about the vicious crimes committed by teenagers.

It's disheartening to read about the vicious crimes committed by teenagers.

One can't help feeling for the teachers because the problem is immediately associated with anarchy in their schools. But is it really?

Tough to tell but surely that's not the root of the problem. I feel that children have been given freedom without limitations. It's common knowledge that discipline should start at home.

But it's getting harder for parents to know what is right or wrong when it comes to disciplining a child because of children's rights. Policies in place to protect children's rights simply go against any form of conventional disciplinary methods previously applied by the parents.

Some would argue that parents brought it upon themselves by turning such methods into abuse. But surely somebody has to teach children about discipline and responsible behaviour. I think that parents are best positioned to fulfil such duties.

Children are encouraged to express themselves, that's great. But we must equally encourage them to listen and learn because their perspectives are still clouded in their teenage years.

I'm against any form of child abuse but let's not shelve discipline because decision-making begins with differentiating right from wrong.

Teenagers have been given too much freedom and one feels that only a few of them can handle the responsibility.

Lwazi Stuurman, East London


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