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VW's Citi 1,4i is so easy to handle

By unknown | Sep 19, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

2006 VW Citi Golf 1,4i

2006 VW Citi Golf 1,4i

Price: R69995

Mileage: 1200 km

Colour: Red

Motor plan: 3 year/ 100000 km warranty

Dealer: The Glen VW

Charl Wilken

They say some people can sell ice to an Eskimo and sand to a desert dweller. But in South Africa it is more a case of selling something older than 30 years as something new to thousands of people.

This is exactly what VW has achieved with their Chico Golf with some fancy extras. Our used test car for this week was the ever popular VW Citi 1,4i, a 2006 model from The Glen Volkswagen.

Although the overall shape of this iconic city slicker looks the same as it was three decades back, it is most definitely not the same car. The front and rear light clusters, including the grille, are more modern.

The dashboard is now fuller and more up-to-date with the design, and it actually has one of the smarter middle consoles in the segment.

It is clear why this car is so popular and even more so in the exciting 1,4i range. Apart from all the exterior changes, the mechanicals on the car, including the 1,4-litre powerplant, are anything but old. But it is, in fact, better than most other competitors can offer. The Citi Golf is a value-for-money car. It offers an attractive package that is reliable and solidly built.

When driving the Citi it is not difficult to see why so many women drivers like them. Handling is easy and the overall ride quality is satisfying, and parking or getting through narrow gaps is no problem for the VW.

In the case of our used test model, you are actually buying a new car, with only 1200km on the clock. Even the smell of a new car fills the air. That explains why the car is in perfect condition inside-out.

The 1,4-litre four-cylinder powerplant comes to its own right in the car. Because of the light body of the car, it feels surprisingly nippy and powerful.

I guess it isn't for nothing that they call it the Velociti, taken from the original word velocity. The engine delivers a fair 62kW and 118Nm and is coupled to a five-speed gearbox delivering power to the front wheels.


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