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Party toasts scoring 80% economic centres - thanks to floor crossing

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Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal is on cloud nine after consolidating its firm grip on 80percent of the economic centres in the province - thanks to the recent floor crossing.

Party chairman and province premier Sbu Ndebele said the party was tenacious.

"The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal is unstoppable. It has consolidated its more than a quarter million votes more than the Inkatha Freedom Party [IFP]."

The municipal areas of Mhlathuze, Ndwedwe, eThekwini and uMgungundlovu, which are now firmly under ANC control, are the main economic centres of the province.

"There can never be a turning back in the province as 80percent of the economic centres are now firmly under ANC control following the recent floor crossing," said Ndebele.

He said the policy of ganging up against the party has been served a severe blow with the ANC gaining an outright majority in uMhlathuze local municipality.

"The ANC was cheated of its responsibility to govern even though it had 28 out of 60 seats in council. That victory has now been consolidated.

"We have regained eNdwedwe local municipality, which was lost through the policy of ganging up.

"Thus the ANC control of Ilembe has been consolidated.

"The eNdwedwe municipality was being targeted as a stepping stone towards destabilising the Ilembe district municipality," he said.

Ndebele boasted that the ANC now has more councillors than all other political parties combined in the province, and they have more legislatures than all other parties assembled in the country.

He said a lot of attention has been centred on the future of the PAC, saying perhaps the IFP also needed to examine its future role.

"Since 2004 the IFP has been punished by the voters for its hobnobbing with the Democratic Alliance and the Freedom Front Plus.

"The past 15 days has raised that question much sharply and perhaps they needed to do some self-introspection," he said.

Independent Electoral Commission's Mawetu Mosery said the body is still working on the floor crossing's final figures.

"At this stage we will only have the official outcome by Wednesday [today]. I can confirm that we received a number of notifications of floor crossings from a number of political parties in the region.

"At present we are dealing with the legal challenges, plus the internal disputes within the parties themselves as some applicants were suspended," Mosery said.

l Lionel Mtshali, leader of the opposition in the provincial legislature, said: "Ndebele's outburst about the majority of KwaZulu-Natal's economic centres being firmly under ANC control, after the latest floor crossing, only matches in intensity his Stalinesque threat that there can be no turning back to an IFP government in the province.

"It is precisely this sort of talk that undermines the new South Africa's democratic credentials and rings alarm bells among our potential foreign investors," he said.


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