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APC a new order to PAC

By unknown | Sep 14, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

For a long time PAC members have lacked the ability to debate issues frankly, in a principled and objective way.

For a long time PAC members have lacked the ability to debate issues frankly, in a principled and objective way.

Many debates are undermined by comrades' tendency to label others and cast suspicion on loyal party cadres who are critical and in some instances analytical.

If they want to grow as cadres and a party, they must not be afraid of constructive criticism. Equally, they must not wage a struggle against their own comrades because this is interpreted as a weakness.

In 1994, the PAC went into the elections disunited and poorly organised under the leadership of the incompetent Clarence Makwetu.

The same happened in 1999 under the leadership of self-centred Stanley Mogoba.

History repeated itself again in 2004, under the ineffective Motsoko Pheko.

There seems to be a vicious cycle of self-destruction within this party. Factionalism has triumphed and party unity has been affected. The party has failed to engage all existing factions, while lobby groups are completely ignored.

In the PAC party unity has always been given lip service.

Now as the African People's Convention (APC), we would liketo put the issue of factionalism into proper perspective.

It is a blatant lie that the new APC President Themba Godi led a certain faction in the PAC. It is an open secret that in the PAC there are many factions, namely, Thami Ka Plaatjie's faction is still alive and kicking; Pheko's faction has just been revived and is gaining momentum; and finally Letlapa Mphahlele's faction is now in the leadership.

Godi has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is the one who revived and reunited the PAC when it was on the verge of collapse.

The problems and challenges that face the PAC are historical and well-documented.

The APC was formed to take over from where the PAC failed - addressing the aspirations of the African people.

The APC is the torchbearer of Pan-Africanism and will soon occupy the centre stage of the politics of this country.

If the goodwill and support we have received so far is anything to go by, then we are destined for great things.

Mafemane Maringa

APC spokesman


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