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Cowman's story just bull

By unknown | Sep 10, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

The Mpumalanga man who claimed his boss tied him to a cow that dragged and kicked him says it was all bull.

He alleges people who hate his boss influenced him to come up with the cock and bull story.

July Mathumbu, of Songeni village near Thulamahashe, said his injuries were the result of a fight he had with a group of people he had been arguing with.

"They assaulted me with wood and sjamboks. Then some people who don't like my boss took advantage of my injuries and told me to lie against him," he told Sowetan last week.

Mathumbu's boss, Andrew Dzambukeri, laid a complaint with the Mhala police station commissioner, Senior Superintendent Khazamula Baloyi saying Mathumbu had insulted him .

"I previously said this man was never tied to my cow and had been assaulted by people he had insulted. He had insulted me too, but I did not beat him up for it.

"He sent people to my home on Wednesday to ask for an apology for implicating me in something I don't know about," said the fuming Dzambukeri on Thursday.

He told Baloyi the latest insults were frustrating because he could not say a word back to Mathumbu after the court warned him not to interfere with witnesses.

Dzambukeri briefly appeared before the Mhala magistrate court last Monday after handing himself to the police earlier that morning.

He was not asked to plead on charges of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and was granted R1000 bail.

Dzambukeri said the charges by Mathumbu against him made him understand why people killed others before killing themselves.

Baloyi's spokesman, Constable Robert Makhubele, confirmed that Dzambukeri was at Baloyi's office on Thursday morning.

"He told the station commissioner that he was under the impression Mathumbu was insane because he had insulted him.

"He claimed this was hardly 24 hours after the 'cow victim' had sent people to apologise to him," said Makhubele.

Mathumbu told Sowetanhe would submit a sworn statement to the police revealing that he had not been hurt by the cow.

"He is my cattle herder and it is not surprising that he chose one of the cows he looks after to claim it attacked him," said Dzambukeri.

"But I'm even more surprised that the people who influenced him had 'witnesses' to support his claim," said Dzambukeri.


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