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Afrikaans speakers are Africans

By unknown | Sep 07, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

It is with interest that I read the letter headed "Change SA's name as well" on September 3.

It is with interest that I read the letter headed "Change SA's name as well" on September 3.

I sympathise with the writer, but I can't agree that Afrikaans names are not "African".

Afrikaans speakers are Africans because our language and culture stem from Africa. We originated in South Africa so Afrikaans is an African language and we are Africans.

That all our cultures are not sufficiently reflected in our city is true and we must speed up the process without hurting one another. The DA has always believed that there is sufficient space for all African cultures to be reflected in our city and country.

We must discuss cultural identity and how to accommodate everyone without repeating our past mistakes.

The resistance to the Pretoria-Tshwane debacle stems from the fact that the processes provided for engaging everyone in such important decisions were not followed. Many citizens were denied the right to give input in the naming process. One-sided action won't work or lead to reconciliation and mutual respect, but will contribute to division. We need unity in our diversity, as our coat of arms so proudly states.

It is of utmost importance to make everybody feel at home in our city. People are already talking about Pretoria-Tshwane so why not just call it that? It would accommodate all our African cultural identities.

Fred Nel, DA leader, Tshwane Metro Council


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