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Hugh's haute couture is in sp iring

By unknown | Sep 05, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

When a colleague disturbed the calm in the newsroom by shouting that she was not impressed with musician Hugh Masekela's new clothing line, I wanted to find out what she did not like about the clothes.

After all, the man has travelled the world thrilling audiences with his music. He once admitted that he had spent over R50million on trivialities. But with his sanity restored, there is no way that Masekela could have commissioned a clothing line that would not inspire his travels.

When I leaned over her computer, what I suspected about my colleague Zenoyise Madikwa, was confirmed.

At her age, she really does not understand this fantastic clothing line's texture and cultural context. I am on the other side of 30, while she is on the opposite side. I have been inspired by 1950s music and fashions. I might be wrong, but I do not think that it is far-fetched to speculate that my colleague is inspired by Beyonce.

The colourful characters that once populated Sophiatown in Johannesburg, dressed with class. A good part of my journalistic reading was rooted in that era, and Masekela is from that era.

So, while Zenoyise is not impressed by the clothing line which is clearly influenced by Masekela's journey through life that took him to almost all the wonders of the world, including his sojourn in the colourful Sophiatown, she comes from a different generation whose dress style is influenced by Levi's jeans and other such Western-style dress codes.

I certainly am too young for the Sophia- town era, but from my reading I can fully understand where Bra Hugh's clothing line is rooted.

I simply love those hats and I would die to have one of them. And I would give anything for those flip-flops, especially with summer being upon us. I like to dress African in a stylish, modern way, and this new clothing line by Bra Hugh aptly fits into what I call a classy way of dressing casual.

For me, the line is a modern re-definition of the style of the 50s. If anything, my colleague's gripe with the Masekela clothing line has more to do with generational tastes and perhaps a gap in her knowledge of the ever-colourful Sophiatown era of the 50s.

You can wear Masekela's designs even if you are just 30-something and you will not scare away suitors of your generation.

I am completely for Masekela's range and as soon as the garments and accessories are available in the shops, I will be one of the first people to check them out.


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