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An instant under tree forever changed a young life

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Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

I fell pregnant after one day of unprotected sex next to a tree at a time when teenage pregnancy was not fashionable.

I was 16 and in Grade 11. The envy of every girl at school, I was a beauty queen with a number of titles to my name. Boys and teachers all wanted a piece and I had collared the hottest guy in the school.

We used to steal kisses and hugs at breaks and he would whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

But all that changed six weeks after my shenanigans with the boy when my suspicious parents took me to a doctor. Their pained expressions said a lot when the doctor told them I was pregnant.

The news shocked me because I had thought it was impossible to fall pregnant from a few brief minutes of fooling around under a tree. I had thought babies were conceived on beds.

The doctor had a solution - abortion. But my mom would have none of that.

"She will carry that baby to term. She did it, she has to face the consequences.

"Did I not tell you about contraception?" she screamed at me.

Dad did not say a word, which was even scarier than my mother's rantings.

I remember my mother telling me to let her know when I had a boyfriend so that she could take me to my granny, a chief matron in the village hospital.

What was I expected to say? "Mom please go tell granny that I want to have sex at 16?"

I don't think so.

Going to the clinic for contraceptives was a problem. Each and every nurse knew my family and what happened behind those white curtains was discussed in church pews and on street corners.

My boyfriend threw a fit when I told him I was pregnant.

"What? Why? Who? How? Are you sure it's me? Abort if you love me, or I will dump you," he threatened.

As my tummy bulged we grew apart. He did not want to be associated with me and threatened to tell the teachers to expel me if I did not leave.

Rumours about my pregnancy spread like wildfire through the school. Schoolmates made fun of me and my situation. I lost friends and nobody wanted to be seen with me.

I started wearing jerseys even when it was scorching hot and I would fold my hands over my belly when I approached the teachers.

The day before the final exam the principal summoned me to his office and expelled me.

"Sorry, Zenoyise, we cannot allow a pregnant pupil to sit for exams in this school. The school governing body has decided to release you," he said.

The words pierced like a knife, but I gathered my books and left the school in shame.

Four months later I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl who is now the pride of my family.

Thank God for my parents' support. After their initial shock, they allowed me to go back to school after giving birth. I was lucky and things have turned out well.

Today what I had initially thought as a curse is my most precious gift.

My beautiful child is a top achiever and a blessing. She makes me coffee every day after work.

She would be the star if I had to rewrite my history in an idealised form.


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