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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

Battle over names

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What remains of Pretoria is a "cadastral area" registered in the deeds registry as a township, the City of Tshwane Metropolitan said yesterday.

What remains of Pretoria is a "cadastral area" registered in the deeds registry as a township, the City of Tshwane Metropolitan said yesterday.

The council's head of legal services, Mpho Makopo, said this in an affidavit filed in the Pretoria high court.

The affidavit is in answer to a notice of motion of an urgent application for an interdict against the pending change of Pretoria's name on road signs to Tshwane.

Makopo said in his affidavit that the Freedom Front Plus, one of its councillors, and Afriforum were prematurely applying for an interdict because no decision had been taken to change road signs.

"The introduction of new sign boards is still at a discussion and conceptual level. There is no implementation plan as alleged by the applicants," he said.

He, however, said the signs would be changed in future.

"The intended route and guidance sign boards are not only for use in the future to guide travellers and mainly tourists to the City of Tshwane but most importantly and urgently the anticipated tourists for the 2009 Fifa Continental Cup and 2010 Fifa World Cup."

The FF Plus and Afriforum said they would bring the urgent application about the road signs pending further court action over the city's name.

The notice of motion says the parties would further ask the court to declare the SA Geographical Names Council (SAGNC), the ultimate authority to decide the possible change, and not the provincial government.

The parties would also ask the court to rule that the City of Tshwane was only applicable to the municipal name and not the geographical area.

Makopo argued that the applicants would fail in their main application as the council did not have to approach the names council or the minister over the matter. He said the name was in fact changed in 2000 by the Gauteng MEC for local government.

"The process of naming the City of Tshwane or any other municipality, does not envisage further registration with the SAGNC as part of its validation and use," he said.

"What remains of Pretoria is a cadastral area registered in the deeds registry as a township.

"Pretoria has no municipal status and as such no capacity to place, let alone maintain, any sign boards or infrastructure.

"It is part of the City of Tshwane and falls under the governance of the council of the City of Tshwane," the affidavit states. The case would be heard on Tuesday August 28. - Sapa


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