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Youth brigade lead corruption charge against SACP establishment

By unknown | Aug 10, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

The in-fighting within the South African Communist Party took a strange turn yesterday when the Young Communist League asked the police to charge the party's former central committee member, Willie Madisha, and Pretoria businessman Charles Kasinja Modise with fraud and money laundering.

YCL national spokesman Castro Ngobese yesterday said: "We strongly believe there is a case of money laundering that the two have to answer to in a court of law.

"And we are also convinced that there is sufficient evidence to charge the two men given that Madisha has [confirmed that he] received the money."

Madisha was unperturbed by the YCL call and laughed uncontrollably at Ngobese's statement that he and Modise should be charged.

"Given that this matter is being handled by the police, I am unable to say anything," Madisha said.

Modise claims he gave R500000 to Madisha for the party. Madisha has claimed he handed the money over to the relevant person.

When news surfaced that the party had not received the money, Modise laid a charge against SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande.

Writing in the YCL's online publication Bottomline, the youth secretary general Buti Manamela said Modise has been accused of having fraudulently acquired his South African citizenship.

"He has been in bigger troubles than the size of the cathedral.

"Some of these include the building of a provincial legislature whose roof was blown off by a wind in Kimberley and whose sewerage gave the parliamentarians a foul smell through their nasal passages.

"He has fought many battles with the National Prosecuting Authority.

"But I say he is just being a businessman, probably trapped into a desire to further his avarice and trapped by his ill doings," Manamela said.

He questioned if Madisha was not party to money laundering.

"Why did Madisha not challenge whomever he gave the money to in the party about its whereabouts during his tenure as central committee and political bureau member?" he asked.

Manamela said this week's events were a test for communists and communism. Communism was not only an ideology, but a way of life, which fought against greed.

He said the recent events were intended to kill the credibility of communists in society.

He linked Modise's accusation against Nzimande and accusations that Deputy Health Minister Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge spent R160000 on an unauthorised trip to Spain.

"Are communists corrupt and thieving or is this just another concocted and cooked strike against the values of communism and the party?" asked Manamela.


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