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ANC indaba was about ideology not corruption

By unknown | Aug 02, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Your article of July 30 by Siyanda Mhlongo (Making mischief in the SACP) refers.

Your article of July 30 by Siyanda Mhlongo (Making mischief in the SACP) refers.

Having been in the corridors of Gallagher Estate during the ANC policy conference, I did not get the sense that the debates were about corruption, but that they were about ideology or the direction of the national democratic revolution.

The SACP and the other alliance partners agreed that there has to be radical transformation.

As far as I'm concerned, the policies adopted at the policy conference were left-leaning and they were argued by "true" communists in the ANC.

The alliance partners agreed that corruption is an enemy of transformation. Cosatu and the SACP have condemned corruption.

No one has claimed that the ANC is a socialist organisation, but it is true that historical documents of the ANC did talk about a kind of society that can be achieved under socialism. In the Nelson Mandela lecture last year, President Thabo Mbeki lambasted capitalists who aspire to "get rich, get rich".

The SACP and Cosatu will continue to influence the ANC to strive for the achievement of a thoroughgoing transformation of our country and, hopefully, we will have a president who will have an ear for the working class.

He or she does not have to be more "left" than other presidents of the ANC.

Cedric Gina, Richards Bay


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