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Resolving service delivery problems is more important than new corporate identity

By unknown | Jul 25, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Zweli Mokgata

Zweli Mokgata

Transnet's R3million image make-over has infuriated customers who feel the money should go to resolving the state-owned enterprise's rail, port and fuel pipeline service delivery problems.

"Is this not just last year's old present in a shiny new wrapping paper?" asked a commentator at the launch of the new logo and brand signature.

"One can't help but feel that there has not been much change in performance."

In a effort to win over anxious members of the public and jittery stakeholders, Transnet chief executive Maria Ramos responded to the suggestion by highlighting the group's turn-around strategy, which includes the sale of the Road Freight Dynamics unit.

"We feel that the biggest challenges and opportunities for us lie in freight, and we intend on focusing on that," Ramos said.

"It has been challenging because rail has received the least amount of investment of our divisions." she said.

Under the new corporate identity all subsidiary organs will be renamed under the umbrella name of Transnet with a description of the unit.

For instance, Spoornet will be renamed Transnet Freight Rail, Petronet will be called Transnet Pipelines and the South African Ports Operations will be renamed Transnet Port Terminals.

Ramos said that it was important to create a simpler identity that would be more memorable and easier to reproduce across the units of Transnet.

"We have waited three and a half years, improving internal systems, to ensure that what we're doing here is reflective of changes inside our business," Ramos said.


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