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The indicators

By unknown | Jul 19, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

1. The black people identified as shareholders, executives or management are unaware or uncertain of their roles within the enterprise;

2. The black people identified as shareholders, executives or management have roles or responsibilities that differ from those of their non-black peers;

3. The black people who serve in executive or management positions are paid significantly less than the market norm, unless all executives or management are paid at a similar level;

4. There is no significant indication of active participation by black people at strategic decision-making level;

5. An enterprise only conducts peripheral functions and does not perform the core functions reasonably expected of other similar enterprises;

6. An enterprise relies on a third-party to conduct most core functions;

7. An enterprise cannot operate without a third-party because of contractual obligations or a lack of technical or operational competence;

8. The enterprise displays evidence of circumvention or attempted circumvention;

9. An enterprise buys goods or services at a significantly different rate from a related person or shareholder;

10. An enterprise obtains loans not linked to good-faith share purchases or enterprise-development initiatives from a related person at excessive rates;

11. An enterprise shares all premises and infrastructure with a related person or with a shareholder with no B-BBEE status or with a third party.


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