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VhaVenda make inroads in Ethiopia

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Elijar Mushiana

The Venda culture will move across borders and its people's traditions will no longer be confined to a small part of South Africa.

Cultural ambassadors are going to Ethiopia to teach people there about Venda culture.

A woman from Vuwani, Mphatheleni Makaulule, was chosen to represent the VhaVenda at a cultural biodiversity workshop and exhibition, focusing on schools.

Makaulule, 38, chose a teacher and a pupil from Patrick Ramaano High School in Nzhelele to accompany her to the workshop from Saturday to next Friday.

She said she chose Ramaano because it was one of the few schools that established a heritage learning centre last year.

A tour guide by profession, Makaulule said she grew up in a traditional family.

"Being born in a family that has taken culture and tradition seriously, I believe my up-bringing played an important role in where I am today," said Makaulule.

Her goal is to preserve Venda culture for future generations.

The soft-spoken Makaulule obtained a BA Education degree from the University of Venda in 1998. The next year she decided to spend a year studying Venda culture.

In 2000 Makaulule established the Luvhola Venda Cultural village, and also trained to be a tour guide.

In her endeavour to keep the culture of her people alive, Makaulule has travelled to many countries including Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia, the UK and the US.

Makaulule also travelled to Kenya and Botswana this year where she attended a workshop on customary law.

She enlightened people in Kenya and Botswana about the VhaVenda's clothes, food, culture and tradition.

Makaulule said: "I want to encourage my people to return to their roots because that is their greatest asset."

She said she is grateful for the support she gets from older people in her community.

"Through the support of the elders I am reaching my goals."

She said she will continue visiting schools to share her knowledge about her heritage with the younger generation.


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