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Perfect gifts of blankets for children at a creche

By unknown | Jul 05, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Tebogo Monama

Children attending a creche at the Soweto Kliptown Youth Centre recently had welcome gifts of blankets.

Hollard Insurance Partners and one of their business partners, the Best Funeral Society, were the donors.

The blankets arrived at the right time because temperatures had plummeted sharply after snow fell in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

While some people were enjoying themselves playing in the snow and making snowmen, many others in some parts of the townships were freezing. So the warm blankets were the perfect gifts for the little ones at the creche.

Dineo Malekane, the society's distribution manager, said that it was a treat to meet the children.

"I really enjoyed spending time with the children," she said.

"Our timing was perfect, seeing that it had just snowed in Jozi. We make sure that we are warm. At least the children can be warm too."

While talking and spending time with the children, Malekane found out that the kiddies were delighted to have their own blankets.

"All they wanted to know was if the blankets were really theirs to keep. When I assured them that they were, the children were so happy that they danced and sang," Malekane said.

The head teacher at the creche, Sister Claudia, said the blankets were a good gift.

"Some of the children do have something at home to keep them warm, but most don't. Those who have nothing now at least have a small something, and for the others, at least you have added to the little that they have."

The centre is based near Kliptown railway station. It has an activity centre for youth to learn skills, a library and a computer laboratory.

A feeding scheme ensures that the children at the creche receive two meals every day.


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