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Well . it's a Cadillac BLS

By unknown | Jul 04, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The Cadillac BLS has been living with us at Sowetan for three months.

Since that precious day in April when we got it, the Cadillac has managed to win a number of hearts in and outside the office.

The three editors who have been nominated to help assess the BLS had a lot to say about it.

Here are some of their thoughts about what General Motors South Africa calls "the new measure of success".

l Monk Nkomo, managing editor

Driving a Cadillac BLS is like cruising on a luxury yacht on a calm sea. From the minute you put it into drive, this cute machine moves with such serenity you feel like taking a nap while it cruises.

It provides comfort you seldom enjoy in other modern cars. My recent trip from Pretoria to Polokwane in Limpopo was fun and a pleasure - thanks to the comfort and the power of this cool machine.

BLS Cadillac is magic.

No wonder those who drive it for the first time refuse to get out of the drivers' seat.

The BLS provided me with style, dignity and peace of mind. It is an awesome car in every way possible, considering the price tag.

l Gugu Sibiya, entertainment editor

It was only after I drove the grey Cadillac that I finally found resonance with Aretha Franklin's Pink Cadillac song. Talk about a snazzy set of wheels, stunning drive that purrs like a well- stroked cat and a classy jalopy that instantly transforms you into an "it" girl. To top this heaven off, the dream car is low on fuel consumption.

l Len Maseko, deputy editor

Class has to be understated or subtle to have the desired affect or to be noticeable without being ostentatious.

Cadillac BLS' pedigree is an instant promise of class without the brand having to prove itself to anyone. Its stately deportment distinguishes it from the pack - ceaselessly generating both awe and curiosity in its wake.

The new Cad will set you back a mere R240 000.


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