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Dream to renovate home on hold after money missing

By unknown | Jul 04, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

It has always been Hilda Tautona's wish to renovate her late parents' home.

It has always been Hilda Tautona's wish to renovate her late parents' home.

But because she could not access a bond from a bank, Tautona decided to save the money needed for the renovations.

Tautona, 60, said she saved money in a Standard Bank investment account.

"I was very frustrated when my R50000 disappeared from my bank account," she said.

"I thought my ancestors had turned their backs on me."

Tautona said she had notified Standard Bank to transfer the money from her investment account into her E-plan account.

Tautona claims that she only withdrew R200 on the day the money was transferred, but twelve days later, her account had a zero balance.

A fraudster had cleared out all Tautona's money and had used it "to buy building material, tiles, clothes, a pair of shoes and a meal at Steers".

"The bank also allowed the fraudster to withdraw R7000, which exceeded my R3000 daily limit," she said.

Tautona said she had her card with her all the time while her money was being withdrawn from her account.

Tautona was told by a staff member at the bank that her card had been cloned and that she would be reimbursed within 15 days.

But after 15 days the money had not been deposited in Tautona's account and each time she enquired, she was sent from pillar to post, she said.

"I cannot take this any longer and I hope Consumer Line can help me get my money back."

Erik Larsen, spokesman for Standard Bank, confirmed that Tautona's bank card had been cloned.

"She has been refunded R45000 of her claim," he said.

Larsen said the reason there is a shortfall in the refund is because records show that the difference was withdrawn with Tautona's own bank card using her PIN before the card was cloned.

"An additional claim of R800 has also been rejected by the bank for the same reason. However, should Ms Tautona not be happy with the outcome, she is welcome to take the matter further through the ombudsman for banking services," Larsen said.

Tautona said she will seek the help of the banking ombudsman to recover the balance.

She has started renovating her parents' house.


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