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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

ANC conference set in motion Mbeki's return

By unknown | Jul 04, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I am particularly interested in the decisions taken at the ANC policy conference.

I am particularly interested in the decisions taken at the ANC policy conference.

That the ANC will not change its constitution was one of them. This means one can be ANC president for as long as one enjoys support, and that the ANC president must be the country's president. This is a blow for proponents of two centres of power.

These decisions have serious implications for the ANC and the country. The pro-Zuma camp might be celebrating the end of Thabo Mbeki's ANC presidency, but I think that the decisions in fact favours Mbeki.

Before 2009, both camps will go all out to garner support from ANC members, but at the 2009 ANC conference in Limpopo, delegates will decide who will head the party. If Zuma is chosen, he will not be home free because the country's president is elected by the national executive council, who are known to be Mbeki sympathisers. Either Mbeki will be re-elected the country's president or a compromise candidate such as Tokyo Sexwale or Kgalema Motlanthe will get the job.

If Mbeki is nominated, it will have major implications for the constitution and shake the very foundations of the country. The majority of parliamentarians are Mbeki sympathisers who will pass a bill to change the constitution. Opposition parties will endorse the bill because of "Zuma gevaar". Mbeki will run the country for a third term and appoint a deputy whom he will groom to take over in 2014.

Sindiso Malaku, Johannesburg


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