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Party in harmony on state intervention

By unknown | Jun 29, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Ido Lekota

Ido Lekota

Delegates to the four-day ANC policy conference have so far agreed that there is a need for the state to intervene to ensure that the quality of life of the majority of South Africans is improved.

Addressing the media in Midrand, Johannesburg, yesterday, ANC national working committee member Joel Netshitenzhe said there was broad consensus among delegates about the need for a developmental state.

The state would have the capacity to intervene and ensure high economic growth and social cohesion that would lead to a national democratic society.

Netshitenzhe said the kind of national democratic society to which the ANC aspired would be one that dealt with the social and economic inequalities created by apartheid and colonialism.

"The ANC is not satisfied with the current order of things," he said.

To redress the situation the ANC sought to mobilise all social partners, including capital and labour, to contribute towards high growth and development in the country.

He said in this regard the ANC understood that the relationship between the state and capital was that of "unity and struggle".

Unity meant that capital was seen as one of the forces that could contribute to development.

Struggle meant that business could not be driven by profit at the expense of national interests.

Netshitenzhe said where, for example, business displayed monopolistic tendencies and undermined competition, the state would put regulations in place to encourage competition.

What was needed, said Netshitenzhe, was a social compact with all sectors of society with a commitment to transforming South African society from one ridden by economic inequalities, unemployment and poverty.

Black business people had to play a role beyond being mere shareholders and invest in job creating initiatives, he said.


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