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'No work no pay' pinch still to come

By unknown | Jun 19, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Khangale Makhado

Khangale Makhado

While striking public sector workers in Limpopo may have gotten away with full pay packets on Friday, the principle of "no work no pay" will still be applied come next pay day.

It is understood that the bulk of the workers who have been away from work because of the strike will feel the pinch during the next pay cy cle on July 15.

Sources in the provincial government told Sowetan yesterday that the striking workers had to be paid in full because of cost considerations.

According to our source, payments affected last Friday to the majority of employees in the province were programmed two weeks earlier on June 6.

"The reversal of the whole process would have been at a very high cost to the government.

"It was therefore decided to effect all the deductions in July for the days on which workers were not on duty," the source said.

Meanwhile the provincial department of health and welfare said attendance by workers at some of the hospitals which had been severely affected by the strike had improved.

Spokesman Phuti Seloba said the sections that were heavily affected included the kitchen, where there was zero attendance.

He said it seemed as though many workers had responded positively to last week's call for hospital workers to return to work though at some hospitals there were still nurses who were out on strike.

Though Seloba refused to divulge the number of nurses in the province whose services have been terminated as a result of the strike, it is believed this could run to more than 100.

Government spokesman Paul Manganye was yesterday not available for comment.


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