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Sanco at odds over stayaway

By unknown | Jun 15, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Simon Nare and Sapa

Simon Nare and Sapa

Confusion reigns in the South African National Civic Organisation in Gauteng with leaders alternately slamming and supporting the national public sectors strike.

"Members of the community in public hospitals have been the victims of Cosatu's actions. The response by Cosatu leadership to this situation is equally heartless and uncaring," said Sanco's acting chairman Siphiwe Thusi.

In contrast, the organisation's secretary Toenka Matila on Tuesday released a statement saying Sanco would join the strike if the government and labour did not reach an agreement.

"If an agreement is not reached soon, we will be left with no option as communities, but to join our mothers, sisters, sons and daughters who have taken to the streets.

"We will activate all regions in Gauteng to flood the streets, side by side with the working class. We call upon both parties to move swiftly to a point of convergence," the statement said.

Thusi, on the other hand, berated Cosatu for allowing patients at state hospitals to become victims of the strike.

"We did not expect Cosatu to allow the situation to deteriorate to such an extent," Thusi said.


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