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Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

Killer is not a stranger - family

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Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

The family of slain schoolgirl Zandile Manganyi is adamant she was murdered by someone who knew her and her family.

But they are baffled about why the child was murdered, and want answers.

Zandile, 12, who was buried after a touching farewell service at the Orlando East, Soweto, YMCA on Saturday, was raped and brutally murdered last week.

Zandile was described as an angel by her family, friends, neighbours and teachers from her Lenasia Model Primary School.

Zandile's mother Hleziphi said yesterday she believes her daughter was murdered by someone who knows the family very well.

"The person who killed my little girl took her next to our house and dumped her in a veld. Whoever it was, did it to make sure we found her body very quickly."

Zandile had R440 on her when she left home. The money is still missing.

Hleziphi said the money had been for Zandile to have her hair done, for stationery, foam bath, entertainment and to buy a small gift for her younger brother Lunga, 3, who wanted to accompany her to the Southgate mall.

Police investigations are continuing, but no arrests have been made.

At the funeral, the good words for Zandile from every speaker made mourners cry.

Delile Mtshawe, of the Roman Catholic Church in Pimville, said: "It is time we dry our eyes and let God carry out His will."

Joseph Manganyi, a representative of the family, said: "It shows our child was loved during her lifetime and is still loved despite being taken away from us."

He said the family had lost a "brilliant, young, gifted treasure".

A neighbour, Ntombi Maseko, said the young girl did not deserve to die in the way in which she did.

Her sisters, Khensani and Mbali read letters Zandile had written. In the first letter, she wrote that she was embarking on a journey to find herself.

Zandile wanted to know everything about herself and about her culture.

The second letter was written to her mother, telling her how much she loved her. She did not have a chance to give the letter to her mother.

Zandile had written: "Why is it that whenever I'm outside, enjoying everything that life has to offer, I always think of you? Could it be your everlasting love for me or could it be your tender smile that greets me when my eyes open to get ready to explore this wonderful world? Could it be that special bond we have?

"So I think long and hard to myself, what is it that is so special about you that makes me think of you 24-7, 365 days a year? Oh, wait I know, it is definitely the feeling I get when you tell me you love me."

Zandile also mentioned all the beautiful qualities that made her mother special.

Her friend, Busisiwe Mkhumbuzi, said her friend was a flower who had been excited about the future.

Pupils from different schools protested outside the hall singing the freedom song Senzeni na? meaning what have we done? They carried placards reading "Stop killing us" and "Take care of us because we are the future".

Zandile was buried at the Lenasia Cemetery.


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