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Screeching sermon about sin a thorn in one's flesh

By unknown | May 29, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

There is an auntie who pops up every April to try to cleanse our souls or something.

She stakes a spot at the Bree Street Taxi Rank near our route's station to Bosmont.

I do not know why she thinks the people of Bosmont or those who work there are most in need of her prayers.

I bet she does not live there and is avoiding her own neighbours who might let on about her "ungodly" behaviour towards them.

Her speech is incoherent and it is difficult to understand what her sermon is about.

I resent her because she screams and screeches at a higher volume when she sees me. I do not have the mark of Satan and I hate her for singling me out. That emotion makes me a sinner instead of cleansing me. She is not good for my soul.

Once the Easter weekend is over, she disappears. Perhaps her zeal rises and sets with the idea of the crucifixion.

I have heard of people who lose their marbles when there is a full moon.

Perhaps Lent sparks off some primitive memory in the auntie's mind and we end up suffering for her temporary derailment.

Fanatics make me uncomfortable because I am afraid to tell them to buzz off.

I have heard that they are instructed by their churches to go out and preach to the unbelievers. It is part of their religious belief to recruit as many people as possible to their point of view.

While I respect their right to free speech and all that is in the constitution, don't I have the right to nurse my self-pity in peace? It is not easy sometimes to get out of a warm bed to face the politics at work.

Facing a harangue about your sins and godlessness first thing in the morning is depressing.

It is a prelude to an awfully endless, grey day.

I wonder why these people do not ask other churches to grant them a platform so that they can steal their congregants.

That would be a good platform for them to take the malcontents with them to their churches.

Then priests from other churches could in turn also visit and steal as many souls as possible.

This merry-go-round will please the ministers no end and they can meet to show off their scores of saved souls.

It is bad enough for my own priest to remind me of my many detours from the righteous path on Sundays, but for some unknown person to unilaterally decide I am unworthy is too much.

I think that if ever I am invited to a taxi recapitalisation meeting, I will suggest the taxi associations build a chapel at every rank.

That way, those who do not trust their drivers can have a private word with the Almighty for their protection.

They can also pray for the skorokoros to be replaced.

Those who are all fired up about saving other peoples' souls can also go there and screech to their heart's content.


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