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Jailbird's dad held for smuggling into prison

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McKeed Kotlolo and Pertunia Ratsatsi

McKeed Kotlolo and Pertunia Ratsatsi

Correctional Services Minister Ngconde Balfour flexed his muscles yesterday when he ensured that another Mathe was arrested.

The arrest of the 80-year-old father of South Africa's best-known escapee, Annanias Mathe, was another chapter in the unfolding saga around the man facing 76 criminal charges.

The elderly Mozambican man was caught by prison officials allegedly trying to smuggle a bottle of a mysterious black concoction stashed inside a loaf of bread to his imprisoned son.

Mathe is currently facing 76 charges for robbery, assault, rape and attempted murder after he was re-arrested a month after escaping from C-Max prison in Pretoria last year.

The old man claimed the mystery substance was "muti" for his son.

Captain Tersa Jansen of the Gauteng police said the man, a Mozambican passport holder who identified himself as Mathe's father, was handed over to the police on Wednesday.

But the man was later released and taken to his home in Alexandra, Johannesburg, because correctional services did not lay a charge against him.

But, Jansen said, after intervention by the minister, the suspect, whose permit to stay in the country expired last month, was arrested at his home.

"He is due to appear in the Pretoria magistrates' court today on a charge of possession of an unknown substance," Jansen said.

She said the arrested man had confessed to having obtained the "muti" from a man in Alexandra.

The dark substance in a tiny bottle has been sent for forensic testing in Pretoria.

Balfour said detecting the illegal substance was proof the recent investment in beefing up security was bearing fruit.

He condemned the arrested man's attempt to smuggle illegal substances into prison and called on relatives of prisoners to help in "correcting offending behaviour instead of supporting criminal behaviour".


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