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Spud's antics follow him in high school

By unknown | May 22, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Book: Spud - the Madness Continues

Book: Spud - the Madness Continues

Author: John van der Ruit

Publisher: Penguin

Reviewer: Tebogo Monama

After reading Spud, I pre-ordered Spud - the Madness Continues, and John van der Ruit did not disappoint.

Spud once occupied the number one spot on the Sunday Times Top Ten books and the Exclusive Books Top 10 lists.

In the first week of its release, Spud - The Madness Continues took over the spot from Spud.

The book follows the adventures of John "Spud" Milton, who is about to turn 15, and his friends the Crazy Eight, in a Natal Midlands boarding school.

The Crazy Eight are reduced to seven after Gecko succumbs to meningitis in the first book.

The madness follows Spud and his friends in their second year of high school.

Spud's, uh, testes finally drop and he has 16 pubic hairs, he loses his soprano lead in the choir and still has girl problems.

He is still infatuated with the Mermaid and can't decide whether to be with her or the older Amanda.

His lunch time sessions with his mentor, the Guv, his alcoholic English teacher, are hilarious.

On the family front, his mother is hell-bent on emigrating, his father is making a lot of money by selling home-made beer with their maid, and his grandmother, Wombat, is as crazy as ever.

Spud still has aspirations of becoming a freedom fighter but his father, who is a racist, is against it.

The novel is filled with side-splitting humour and is a must-have.


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