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Mother's Day is now as exciting as Christmas

By unknown | May 16, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

You could say I am jealous because I do not have a mother - or mada, as some would have it.

You could say I am jealous because I do not have a mother - or mada, as some would have it.

She has long departed this world. In a normal world, the euphoria of Mother's Day would have passed me by. But this world is anything but normal.

Think back to a decade or so ago. Many of us had not heard about a thing called Mother's Day. But, bit by bit, it crept into our lives so that it started to generate as much excitement as Christmas.

Perhaps we were too concerned with fighting the struggle to give a thought to the luxury of mothers and St Valentine (now there's another one!). Add to the mix matric dances and you realise we are obsessed with celebrating at the slightest excuse.

Perhaps we are becoming a normal society, and now and again we have to pop champagne and celebrate, rather than be a nation of criers, moaning perpetually about how bad the whites treated us.

Maybe we should balance our commemorations of our dark past with some whoopee now and again.

Hats off to the marketers who have turned mundane days into a roaring business.

I got goose bumps from embarrassment when those little urchins in Vereeniging tried to make a buck out of the Mother's Day craze a year or so ago.

They stood on a street corner with a begging bowl and howled at women who walked past: "Happy Mada's day." Sometimes a woman would drop them a coin.

Surely, if the big money-spinners can milk a fortune out of the day, the boys have the right to make something out of it too.

And, at the rate we are going, I would not be surprised if in the future the day is made a holiday.

The craze is mind-boggling. Initially, we thought it was relevant to those people who have mothers, finish en klaar.

You wish.

We are now exhorted to wish every woman a happy Mother's Day. Perhaps there's nothing wrong there. But if we continue down that route we will one day be urged to wish the species that makes mothers out of women - men.

Then everybody will be wishing everybody a happy Mother's Day, for even the children had to be born so their mothers could be mothers.

A kinda naughty colleague called a divorced friend, who has custody of his children, to wish him a happy Mother's Day.

When the befuddled friend asked what the hell was happening, the reply came promptly: "You are a father and a mother all in one."

Aren't we just plain mad?

l Charles Mogale is the editor of Sunday World


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