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Ex IFP man says his life's in danger

By unknown | May 11, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

Former IFP secretary and Newcastle councillor Vinesh Chuturgoon says his life is in danger.

Chuturgoon recently formed a political party, the Great Kongress of South Africa (GKSA), after leaving the IFP.

He said he had received "strange, anonymous phone calls" since he announced the formation of the new party.

"They accused me of using the IFP's name to promote my party," he said. "I received a call on Tuesday afternoon from a person who said he was at the IFP office in Durban. He said I should dissolve my party or they would 'fix' me."

As an IFP councillor, Chuturgoon was well known for recruiting the Indian community into the IFP.

He said that he would not succumb to threats.

"Our party stands for peace and we will carry on with that mandate to make a difference to people's lives," he said.

Chuturgoon said some IFP councillors in Newcastle had threatened him.

"They accused me of using the IFP's name to further my interests. I rejected the accusations and told them that I was groomed by the IFP and that I was not any threat to the party," said Chuturgoon.

Ephraim Zwane, the IFP's chief whip, rejected Chuturgoon's allegations.

"I only met him once and questioned why he calls himself a senior IFP member who is working closely with our leader.

"Ziba Jiyane is a senior IFP member, not this man," said Zwane.

"All we want is for him to stop using the party's name in the media because he disappeared from the party five years ago," he said.

The GKSA claims to have about 150000 registered members.


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