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Country needs change with consultation

By unknown | May 10, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Some minorities want to dupe us into protecting their narrow name change interests.

Some minorities want to dupe us into protecting their narrow name change interests.

The actions of some minorities have been too confrontational and self serving. They are basically saying: it is our way or the high way.

In a country in which 70percent of the electorate votes for the ANC, why is it peculiar if people want to replace the superfluous Mangosuthu name?

Why is it strange when the government, through consultation with interested parties, participates in the chaging of Afrikaans names? Why is it peculiar to change offensive names or to implement the ANC's election manifesto of creating a better life for all?

The tired excuse of respecting culture does not wash. What about the Sothos, Tswanas, Xhosas and others?

The question is, how do you change the status quo, how do you right the wrongs of the past? By acknowledging and providing space to other races, cultures and so on.

It would be wrong to suggest that everything should be changed to accommodate other cultures. It should be debated and no dissenting voice should be silenced. If the names of towns have to change, there must be consultations. People of all proposed places to be changed will agree that it should be in line with the national transformation agenda.

For the previously oppressed, there must be visible change from pre-1994.

Patrick Rampai, Johannesburg


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