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Childrens 'envoy ' Gumede aims high

By unknown | May 07, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Israel Nkate

Gabatswhane Gumede is a gifted 12-year-old girl from poverty stricken Lethabong village in Rustenburg.

She has just returned from Sweden, where she attended a two-week awards ceremony at the World's Children's Prize for the Child World.

She was invited to represent the children of Africa and to perform at the awards ceremony.

"The trip was fun and educational. I learnt a lot about other places. In South Africa we are better off than other countries. I was surprised to learn that even in the so-called developed countries children's right are ignored," said Gabatshwane.

Gabatshwane, a grade 7 pupil at Ruskraal primary school, said the trip didn't affect her studies.

"I have a private tutor who helps me to catch up on whatever I missed."

Her debut album, Gaba Sings For The Children Of The World, was released in London.

"I talk about children's issues. In the album I also thank Nelson Mandela for everything he did for the country. He is a kind man."

Her parents died of Aids when she was a toddler. With her brother Vusi, they formed an organisation called Bana ke Bokamoso - children are the future. It helps destitute children.


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