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Beware wolf in sheep's clothing

By unknown | May 07, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

You have been waiting in vain for your Romeo or Juliet, and now you have resorted to one of the media's agony aunts to help you find one.

You have been waiting in vain for your Romeo or Juliet, and now you have resorted to one of the media's agony aunts to help you find one.

This counsellor then probably advises you to search through the personal columns in your local newspapers and radio programmes targeting lonely people like you. Or better still, your aunt suggests, put your own advert in the media.

Why not? This is mostly a free service and it taps into the media's big lovelorn market.

But this service is open to abuse. It might deliver you on a silver platter to a Mr Hyde, eagerly waiting to gobble you up.

This warning goes to all those who easily fall in love with the words flung down in the media by a potential Romeo or Juliet.

"I am a non-drinker interested in persons not older than 30. The person must be Christian," and so on and so on.

Some of these "love invitations" are well intended as evidenced by working romantic relationships that result from this media service.

But others might just be sweet words aimed at getting you closer to that hungry predator. Nobody says "I want to rape you", or "I am a nymphomaniac".

Besides, the words are mostly the products of behind-the- scenes editing by crafty writers and sub-editors written on behalf of your potential lover.

But that is not all. Your supposed lover could be a serial killer, a nymphomaniac, a rapist, a drug dealer or anyone evil, but clever enough to use the free media space and airtime to lay his or her dirty hands on you.

The monster's words might touch you and you might want to embrace it, share your secrets and special moments with it, even take it home or go to its cave.

Like thousands of people who are conned daily through media adverts, you will get no recourse from the media you used to advertise for a partner.

No law holds the media accountable if the advert results in you being harmed, and you should exercise the greatest caution before opening your heart to strangers.

There are people who have made it their habit to declare their love in the media to quell their insatiable thirst for sex with no strings attached.

An unidentified married man we shall call Lucky, said: "I simply put my letter in the newspaper with my contact details or phoned a programme on radio helping lonely people to find love.

"From then you will see how the fish drop into the net.

"These women will phone and arrange a meeting.

"For me it is a just a sex spree. Sometimes three women in a day. You cannot believe the huge response from lonely women," he said.

Lucky said to avoid contact with the women "after I have had what I want", he simply changed his cellphone SIM card and he's gone.

For the poor woman it is back to looking. Or sometimes she is also in the business. Believe it or not there are some nymphos out there who are after unsuspecting guys.

"I spent a night with a woman I met through the media. Her house was in one of the top Johannesburg suburbs. But the sex turned out to be a nightmare," said a young man we shall call James.

"I did not ejaculate because the woman enjoyed beating me up while we were having sex. She wanted more, but because I was in pain I could not go on," he said.

But James was lucky, he slept in a posh house. But Dipuo was not so lucky.

"We spent the night in a locked bedroom filled with stolen goods. Everything was there from appliances to furniture.

"One wrong move and all the things would have dropped on my head," she said.

Dipuo said she had to sleep with the man because he forced her. She met him through a local radio programme for potential lovers.

"The house was nothing but a hide-out. I nearly cut my bum using the broken toilet. There was water all over the toilet because it was leaking," she said.

Dipuo said she hardly slept because three drunk men in the other bedroom fought until the next morning.

The worst could happen to haunt your future. To avoid this heed the advice below.

Steps to take towards a working relationship:

l No sex on the first date,

know your partner first.

l Find out where your partner lives or works.

l Ask him about his family and relatives and find out where they live.


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