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Mixed reaction to Sowetan's anti-crime advert

By unknown | Apr 30, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Nthabiseng Moreosele

Sowetan's latest advertisement seems to have shocked and excited the public in equal measure.

It was first run last week in broadcast and print media, but the SABC refused to air it, saying it was racist.

Sowetan believes it is a timely reminder about the state of the nation, 13 years after the advent of democracy.

The text says: "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up against each other and erupt into an oasis of crime, grime and home to racial attacks and injustice.

"I have a dream that my children will be repeatedly raped, sodomised and left to fend for themselves long after HIV and Aids have taken me away.

"I have a dream that every farmer shall be brutally murdered and every farmworker thrown into a lion's den.

"Let chaos ring from the streets of South Africa - and when this happens, we will all join hands and sing: Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

The sting in the message is at the end when South Africans are asked what they have done with their freedom. We are exhorted to cherish it and not waste our freedom.

The editor-in-chief of both Sowetan and Sunday World, Thabo Leshilo, said the paper had achieved the objective of sending a message about the level of crime.

"We agree that it is disturbing and that people are disturbed about it because it deals with a disturbing subject," said Leshilo.

"Sometimes you have to adopt unconventional methods to drive the message home."

He said crime was not the concern of whites alone, because it affects all the people. Leshilo said he hoped the advertisement would provoke South Africa to act against the scourge.

"Sowetan is involved in projects to address this problem. Sowetan is a responsible corporate entity and it is not for us to look at life through rosy spectacles," said Leshilo.

"Part of our Nation Building Programme is facing this challenge. We sponsored yesterday's Divas Concert called 'Together Fighting Crime Against Women and Children'. We are using the arts to preach the anti-crime message."


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