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Equality - just a pipe dream?

By unknown | Apr 30, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The advent of democracy ushered in by the 1994 elections remains a poignant reminder of how far South Africa has come.

The advent of democracy ushered in by the 1994 elections remains a poignant reminder of how far South Africa has come.

At the time the whole world waited with bated breadth for the birth of what would go down in history as a watershed event.

It was an event that brought to an end one of the most obnoxious systems of oppression - apartheid.

Today South Africans are no longer preoccupied with inequalities but are grappling with the responsibilities of their hard-won freedom.

It is true that the majority of them are better off than they were before 1994, though this manifests itself only in political freedom.

The biggest challenges facing the country is the eradication of poverty, unemployment and HIV-Aids - all of which make the commendable efforts to bring about equality a bit of a pipe dream.

It is a fact that the African National Congress-led government holds the political crown but the economic jewels remain in the hands of a privileged few.

Until South Africa fixes this anomaly, it will remain a country of two nations - one wealthy and the other poor, one white, the other black.

If this situation continues for too long it will spell disaster for our hard-won freedom.

It is noteworthy that it would have been reactionary before 1994 even to think that ANC comrades would be pitted against each other over who should lead the party.

The Sowetan advert and its question, "What have you done with your freedom South Africa?", is pertinent

But those who fought side by side for freedom are now at each other's throat, using every trick in the book to woo the public in to believing that they represent the interests of the people.

It was significant that President Thabo Mbeki led Freedom Day celebrations in Bisho, the site of a mass murder by apartheid surrogate Oupa Gqozo.

One of the posters said: "Thabo Mbeki, president for life."

The poster encapsulates what most African states that got independence before South Africa have been victims of. Zimbambwe is a fresh example of how things can go wrong if one-party states are allowed.


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