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Remembering reggae legend Lucky Dube (Photos)

To mark 10 years since Lucky Dube's death, his former recording company, Gallo Records, will release.

Poor little rich man's girl

By unknown | 2007-04-26 00:00:00.0

Headline writers are having a field day competing for the best quip to sum up the circus in the Mthembu-Mbau household.

Let's call it "kaput" barely 17 months after they first made headlines as the most interesting couple.

Although Mandla Mthembu pleads ignorance to the long-time -coming screeching end, it didn't take a rocket scientist to predict the end from the onset.

"They were never going to live happily ever after and even though Khanyi is truly hurting at the drama, she must have known better," says a friend who cites her extravagant lifestyle as proof of his claims. "You don't waste cash like that when you have constructive future plans," he says.

It seems the controversial top-drawer couple's turbulent relationship was cracked from the start. We were introduced to the "queen of bling's" ways when she left her career-launching platform in a huff amid rumours that something must have gone terribly wrong between her and the Muvhango producers.

And just before the newspapers could write her career obituary, Mbau, a whirlwind of talent, landed on Mthembu's opulent lap. Then, quicker than you could say gold-digger, she was singing all the way to the bank, changing her stable of luxury cars like there was no tomorrow.

"No wonder people were interested. She made their union something of a financial arrangement," says an avid follower of their true-life soapie, Gugu Malusi. But the gold-digging aspect has been hard to prove because they lived their lives in a lane so fast they threw a curtain of doubt at every given opportunity. It wasn't long after his "crack" declaration (he said he was first attracted to her by her buttocks' crack) that Mbau made a sacrifice surpassing all: she bore him a child.

But it would not have been true Mbau if the child had been born without a little stir. She tried to have the baby on, wait for it, Christmas Day, but it came a day soon. No problem, she sold her pictures to a local magazine for half-a-million rands.

Meanwhile, debates about whether Mthembu was a billionaire or just a millionaire and how he acquired his stash were the order of the day. "People were drawn into the Beckhamesque lifestyle because, let's face it, South Africa has not been that entertained since Brenda [Fassie] met Nhlanhla [Mbambo]," says Tsheko Kabasia, a photographer. However, it seems people love to hate the Mthembus.

But the one person who has made no bones about her hatred for the golden couple is Mthembu's former wife, Dolly Matshabe, who has vowed to take him to the cleaners.

This has inspired Mbau, who in the wake of recent events involving one Thokozani guy, to employ the services of Matshabe's lawyer Owen Khumalo.

Although Matshabe has been fingered for the couple's turbulent ride following her maintenance demands, the bone of contention this time is not money but Thokozani, who Mthembu says is moonlighting for Mbau's faceless other man.

"I was suspicious that she was a gold-digger, but when you love someone and they keep assuring you that they are not, what do you do?" he summed it up.

Have we heard the last from the Mthembu household? Watch this space.