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Kids' Kodak moment

By unknown | Apr 24, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Nothing beats hanging out with kids. When they are happy, they show it and when they are sad, they also show it.

But when Kodak recently took a touring party to Durban to see a display of photographs only joy was evident on the little ones' faces.

Kodak invited 30 children from Welfare South Africa and Nurturing Orphans of Aids for Humanity (Noah) in Johannesburg to join the excursion.

The children, who had never been on an airplane, could not contain their excitement at OR Tambo International Airport. Their minders had to work hard to shepherd them and keep them together.

This experience reminded me of my first time on an airplane, though I was bit older when I got my first chance to travel by air.

When check-in time finally came, it was chaos as the children scrambled for the seats next to the windows.

The other passengers could only watch in amazement because they had no idea what happening.

When the plane descended to the Zulu kingdom, we waited with great anticipation to feel the fresh sea breeze blowing on our faces.

Kodak could not have chosen a better place than uShaka Marine World for the photographic exhibition of 36926 pictures. This monumental project started in 2004. Members of the public were asked to submit their photos.

The Marine World blends perfectly with traditional Zulu and modern architecture. Two big shields stand on each side of the entrance, giving the impression that one is entering a Zulu kraal.

The "village path" leads to the Phantom Ship, a re-creation of a 1940s shipwreck, where the photographic display was held.

Whatever food delights your palate, you can reward your tastebuds at one of the many restaurants - including the "shipwrecked" Shark Restaurant with a window looking into a shark tank.

While dining you can feast your eyes on what is happening in the Indian Ocean.

Other places that arouse interest are Sea World and Dolphin World at the centre of uShaka Marine World with a 1200-seater dolphin stadium. It allows you to see dolphins do amazing tricks.

Sea World offers edutainment tours and there are special activities such as snorkelling through reefs and grottos and scuba dives.

The experience is beyond words and not even the most sophisticated gadgets can capture uShaka Marine World's images.

It has to be experienced. And the children ensured they did nothing less.


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