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Bullyboy VIPs are a menace

By unknown | Apr 18, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The frequent shenanigans of VIPs' convoys have reached a frightening stage.

The frequent shenanigans of VIPs' convoys have reached a frightening stage.

This is because there are people who will not be cowed by the VIPs' Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe bullyboy tactics.

One day, someone is going to refuse to move over because they feel they do not have to defer to some travelling VIP.

Judging by the reports that bodyguards pointed rifles at a "slow to move over" motorist, and children were allegedly pushed out of the way when Jacob Zuma was walking towards a garage toilet, an ugly incident is waiting to happen.

In a volatile country like South Africa, such an incident could easily involve an innocent person being shot by some trigger-happy bodyguard.

According to an Arrive Alive spokesman in a recent interview on SAfm, the maximum speed on our roads is 120kmh. The spokesman said any speed above 120kmh is considered to be dangerous and can contribute to our horrific yearly accident rate.

Motorists are not at liberty to move over if such an action endangers their own lives, or the lives of other road users or pedestrians.

Criminals in South Africa are one step ahead of the authorities.

It will not be long before they use the "blue light" trick to escape from the police.

Frank Hartry, Kingsburgh


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