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BMW's 335i Coupe is addictive - give me more

By unknown | Apr 18, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

How does one begin to describe BMW's 335i Coupe without sounding like all the brothers out there who think BMW is the only manufacturer that makes cars?

Indeed, the new BMW 335i Coupe can make one sound just like them.

I had the car for seven days and I would liked to have kept it forever.

"What is happening to you?" asked my sister.

The thing is, I have fallen in love with the new 335i Coupe. The thought of buying one even crossed my mind.

But then I remembered that I am just a journalist.

The car is elegant, sporty, responsive and comfortable.

Once you are inside the Coupe, the most difficult thing is to go home, park it and have to leave it.

It is simply addictive.

The Coupe boasts a straight-six twin turbo- charged unit under the bonnet.

This 3litre engine produces 225kW of power and torque of 400Nm, and the results of the combination made me marvel every time I drove it.

It goes without saying that the new 335i Coupe conveys this supreme potential into truly outstanding driving dynamics wherever you go.

Put foot on the throttle of the six-speed manual transmission and the Beemer responds immediately.

The combination of turbo-charging and direct fuel injection offers a particularly fascinating experience of efficient dynamics.

We all love cars that can take instructions from our right foot with ease, right?

All of this makes the new 335i Coupe a truly fascinating car at the very first sight - and a truly convincing piece of engineering to drive, or even own.

The Germans' task is to convince the older generation that the Coupe can accommodate them as well.

The entire drive-train awards the very best in sporting performance.

It offers the ideal characteristics for a conscious experience of sheer driving pleasure in every respect and in all areas.

When driving the Coupe, you are sure of maximum safety. It has fully integrated automatic stability control, dynamic traction control, dynamic brake control and dynamic stability control. This car comes standard with light-alloy rims combined with 225-45 R 17 tyres.

Buckling up in the new BMW 3 Series Coupe, both the driver and front passenger benefit from the newly developed belt-feeder arm. The seat belt, integrated in the B-pillar, moves far to the rear in typical coupe style and is automatically "delivered" to the driver and front passenger once they close the door and the ignition key has been inserted.

Superior long-distance driving qualities make the travelling experience a genuine pleasure and with every manoeuvre there is a wonderful feeling of supremacy.

The starting price for the 335i Coupe is R488500.


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