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'Evidence' scuppers bail

By unknown | Apr 17, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Thozi Manyisana

In denying two men bail, a King William's Town magistrate last week said there was "near evidence" that they had committed the crime they had been charged with.

"To me there's near evidence that you did commit this crime," the magistrate told Mandlenkosi Gcobo, 23, and Bongani Dyaba, 26.

The men stand accused of stabbing 82-year-old pensioner, Bennie Woycieh, to death.

Woycieh, of Polish origin and described as a Good Samaritan, was stabbed 14 times by his attackers at his home on January 17. His body was found in his garden.

Gcobo and Dyaba have pleaded not guilty. However, investigating officer Inspector Foto Mangaliso told the court the that state had "overwhelming evidence" linking the two to the "gruesome murder".

Mangaliso said "at least three eyewitnesses" would testify against the accused.

He said one of the witnesses "saw" them hiding inside the yard before Woycieh died.

Two other witnesses told police that the accused had been seen running away from the murder scene with bloodstains on their clothes.

He said the witnesses knew the accused by name and had described the clothes they were wearing at the time.

Police had sent the clothes for forensic analysis in Cape Town.

Experts there "confirmed that the blood was that of a white man and that the hair samples on the clothes were those of a white man".

The magistrate concluded that the two had "attempted to destroy evidence" by washing the clothes they were wearing during the attack.

He saidthere was "evidence that the residents of Kei Road were angry at the killing and I do not want them to take law into their hands".

Kei Road residents packed the court yesterday.

The case was postponed to May 7.


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