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Muso hobbles into thin air

By unknown | Apr 12, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Prince Chauke

The once popular musician Umanji, who has recently recovered from a TB-related illness, has gone Awol - leaving his producer in the lurch.

The musician, whose real name is Johannes Nkuna, finished recording his latest album last month.

It is believed he is consulting a sangoma after straining his foot and that he is walking with crutches.

Phil Hollis, Umanji's producer, confirmed yesterday that the singer seemed to have done a disappearing act.

"I do not know where he is at the moment. I am looking for him too. His action is disappointing, but don't worry, I will find him.

"You can also try, but I doubt you will get anywhere," said Hollis yesterday.

A source close to the singer insisted yesterday that he had gone to consult a sangoma about his strained foot.

"Umanji's mother is a sangoma and she believes her son is cursed," said our informant.

"Everything that happens to him, according to his mother, is because of witchcraft.

"You won't find him because he is in hiding.

"He loves his mother a lot. He believes in her methods of healing, even for something as simple as a strained foot."

The singer made headlines last year when he was rumoured to be broke.

At the time he was said to be dependent on his mother's pension.

He lost his long-time sweetheart and his recording company, Sony-BMG, dumped him.

Several attempts to track down the singer drew a blank.

His cellphone was constantly on voicemail.

Messages were left, but the singer did not respond to any of them.


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