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Praising gospel diva's blessings

By unknown | Apr 03, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The afternoon members of the daily run from Bosmont to the Johannesburg inner city are walking tall.

We have discovered that we have a budding "diva" in our midst.

Gabi, who joined us two years ago, recently announced that she has cut a gospel CD.

Now Gabi is one of those women who just opens her mouth and everyone laughs.

She has mischievous eyes, an almost immobile mouth and a deadpan face.

She is a real comedienne. I can't say why she makes us laugh. But she does. She will interject with just a word or two and everyone will be rolling in their seats.

We have one member who always tells us about her miserable life and the tough breaks she gets. She is always cloaked in doom.

She is not a pessimist, she is worse than that. But Gabi will ask her an innocent-sounding question and we will all laugh including the doom and gloom-stricken member.

Gabi will look at us as if we are mad.

In November she showed us computer-generated pictures of herself looking like an Egyptian queen. We thought she was planning to send these as Christmas cards.

We told her that the cards were very nice even if we could see that she looked nothing like Queen Nefertiti or Queen Cleopatra. Gabi looked like Gabi, a nice-looking girl from the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

But no, she told us that she was going to release a gospel album. We were hysterical and started humming out of tune, asking if that was what we would hear on her album. The whole story sounded like one of her jokes.

We were dumbfounded when she actually produced the album two weeks ago. When she showed it to us in the taxi someone grabbed the CD and checked if a disk was really inside.

We asked the taxi driver to play the CD, but he only has a cassette player. We told him to borrow a more modern taxi for the coming week so that we could hear Gabi praising the Lord.

We didn't see Gabi the next week. She sent word that she was working a different shift and that she would be with us during the Easter week.

We are anxiously waiting to hear the quality of her voice and we are all bursting with pride.

Aunty Emma tells anyone who is a stranger to the group that we have a Great Diva on board. She points to any seat in the taxi and claims that it has been blessed by Gabi's skinny behind. This makes the interloper uncomfortable and curious at the same time.

The members also feel blessed because it is a fitting start to the Easter holidays. A member says that once we play Gabi's CD, the Lord will ensure that our taxi does not overturn.

Aunty Emma says she will bring doughnuts from the supermarket where she works to accompany the CD's launch during our afternoon taxi ride.


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