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Actress's Aids role 'too real'

By unknown | Mar 27, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

After being shunned by the television-viewing public for playing an HIV-positive character in the television series, Soul City, actress Nandi Nyembe is relieved that people have changed and now even ask for her autograph.

"When I boarded a bus or taxi, people used to move away from me as soon as they noticed me. They thought I was going to infect them because I portrayed a character with HIV-Aids," she says.

Because she is an experienced actor, Nyembe says it did not bother her.

"I knew that the country needed to work hard to educate people about HIV-Aids. On the other hand, I was satisfied because it showed that I was playing my character convincingly.

"I am happy that today they no longer look at me as if I am sick."

In Soul City, Nyembe played the character of Lizzie Dlamini, an HIV-positive nurse.

Nyembe's character, who is killed in a car accident, is infected by her husband, George.

Since the Soul City days Nyembe has appeared in numerous other television drama series.

She will be seen on stage at the Market Theatre in Flipping The Script, opening in two weeks.


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