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Gauteng Coaches leads the way and puts safety of its passengers on top

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Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Gauteng Coaches, a Johannesburg bus company, this week set an example to other bus operators by improving the safety of its buses.

The company fitted its buses with Protectall tyre bands, which prevent the tyres from coming off the rims in the event of a puncture or a blow-out.

This allows the driver to retain control of the bus and bring it safely to a stop.

Riaz Paruk, director of Gauteng Coaches, said the move has been long overdue and his company was delighted to have fitted the devices.

"We are continually looking to provide the safest environment for our passengers and drivers and fitting Protectall tyre bands is essential in our efforts to eliminate areas of risk," said Paruk.

Gauteng Coaches is a national operator with a fleet of more than 700 buses, and supports the Arrive Alive campaign in its efforts to reduce accidents on our roads.

Protectall bands are made of lightweight aluminium and are easily fitted to the well of the wheel rim after the tyre has been fitted. In the event of a tyre blow-out the bands prevent the tyre bead from slipping into the well of the rim and then coming off.

This product has been tested and certified by Gerotek and has been endorsed by the South African Insurance Association.


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