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Occupant who sold her late landlord's house will see his children in court

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A former tenant has sold a house to spite her late landlord's daughter.

A former tenant has sold a house to spite her late landlord's daughter.

But Meisie Seatlhodi, 33, did not know she was committing fraud when she struck the deal.

Seatlhodi is adamant it was her right to sell the house because her late landlord had appointed her his beneficiary.

She admitted she was a tenant, but argued she had taken care of her late landlord for six years while his own two children were looking after their own families.

Seatlhodi said Isaac Matolong had thanked her by giving her the house.

Seatlhodi said: "They [the children] undermine my intelligence. They can't just evict me like I am a dog. I will show them what I am made of."

She sold the house for R180 000 in August.

Eleanor Jivhuho, 59, said her father had three other tenants who also looked after him when he was sick.

She said Seatlhodi and her mother were privileged because they occupied a bedroom in the main house and shared a kitchen and dining room with her father.

The other tenants occupied back rooms in the yard.

"She had access to my father's room and this tempted her to take his will and title deeds.

"I'm certain my father would not have chosen her over his own children," said Jivhuho.

She said when she looked for the legal documents, she could not find them.

Jivhuho said Seatlhodi took them out of her bag a few days after she had threatened all the tenants with legal action.

This happened before her father's funeral, Jivhuho said.

She said Matolong was not her biological father, but the house belonged to her mother before they were married.

Her parents were married on March 25 1976, when Jivhuho was 27 years old.

"This is why I am fighting for what rightfully belonged to my mother," Jivhuho said.

But Seatlhodi has challenged Jivhuho to contest ownership of the house in court.

"I have sold the house. You can tell Jivhuho that I will meet her in court.

"Where were they for the past six years when I took care of their father?" bellowed Seatlhodi.

She said she had instructed the so-called "red ants" to evict the tenants to make way for the new owner.

Rallying behind Seatlhodi is Queen Riba, a ward councillor. Riba said Jivhuho was a stepdaughter who neglected her father for six years.

"That gave Seatlhodi a chance to sell the house. I know this story and Seatlhodi has the support of her neighbours," said Riba.

But Jivhuho's neighbour, who wanted to remain anonymous, said Riba was talking hogwash.

"We are not aware of any support we are supposedly giving Seatlhodi. Riba should deal with matters affecting her own ward."

Another neighbour said: "We will be letting Mongi [Jivhuho] down if we support a tenant taking over her mother's house."

Solly Mogase, Jivhuho's ward councillor, said he was not aware of the matter, but was willing to meet her.

Manzini Attorneys have established that Jivhuho's house was fraudulently transferred.

They will seek a court order to nullify the sale.

Jivhuho has laid a criminal case against Seatlhodi at the commercial crime unit.


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