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Pupil's leg amputated after 'escape' from teacher

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Dudu Busani

An 18-year-old schoolboy whose leg was amputated is blaming the school for his injury.

Zolani Matu said he had to jump from the second floor when a teacher threatening to beat him approached him on the balcony outside the classroom.

The grade 10 pupil of Mponiseng Secondary School in Katlehong is still trying to come to terms with losing his right leg.

Lying in Natalspruit Hospital, Matu said that his isiZulu teacher had on numerous occasions threatened to harm him if he saw him on the school premises.

Matu said his woes started at the beginning of the term when he found he had failed his grade 10 examination for the second time.

"The isiZulu teacher told me that I was not welcome at school because I had failed the same grade twice. He told me to go away and find an adult school," Matu said.

The schoolboy said he ignored the teacher because he knew he was entitled to an education. He said he would attend all classes except those of the isiZulu teacher.

"Every time he saw me [the isiZulu teacher] would tell me to leave and chase me out of the gate," Matu said.

Matu said on February 16 he was standing in a corridor when the teacher approached him.

"I had nowhere to run. I was afraid that he was going to hurt me so I jumped from the second floor to the ground.

"I landed on my leg and I could feel it breaking. Other pupils saw me and took me to the staff room.

"One of the teachers tried to give me first aid until the ambulance arrived, but none of the teachers came to the hospital with me."

Matu's mother, Nombulelo Matu, was called to Chris Hani- Baragwanath Hospital four days later to give approval for the amputation.

"The school did not contact me to say that my son had been hurt," she said. "I [was] told that my son had been coming to school but was not registered, so what happened to him was not their responsibility."

Matu said his name was on the attendance register of each class.

"When I come out of here I'm going back to school because I want to have an education," he said.

Matu is the eldest of six siblings, all of whom live in a shack with their unemployed mother.

Gauteng education spokesman Panyaza Lesufi said the department was studying reports from the school.

He said a pupil could not be chased from school for failing exams.


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