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‘How varsity protest forced me to live in a shelter’

The Fees Must Fall protests had dire consequences for café employee Eddie at the University of Cape .

Scenic route is Sho't Left

By unknown | Feb 20, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The Pretoria Metro cops played an unwitting role in a bush tour taxi commuters were forced to go on last week.

The Pretoria Metro cops played an unwitting role in a bush tour taxi commuters were forced to go on last week.

A fan tells me that because the cops now behave like cops should, motorists are trying increasingly inventive strategies to evade the law.

Motorists love fast cars and all they talk about is the capacity of their engines, fuel consumption, speed and what distance from point A to B can be covered in a few seconds.

A friend once told me that there were two types of motorists at a funeral. The first lot had their windows tightly closed because they had air-conditioning in their cars. These were the rich folks.

The second lot, who were poorer and could only afford the basics in their cars, had their windows right down and were inhaling the dust left by the rich in their wake.

Drivers no longer flash lights for a speed trap. There are more elaborate signals alerting others to the dangers ahead.

Taxi drivers often hoot in greeting when they pass colleagues on the route.

They also have complicated hooting signals, like mad frogs, to signal roadblocks, licence checks and other checks that keep the cops occupied.

The Metro cops love these temporary checkpoints because they can issue dozens of tickets at a time. The number of tickets show how diligent a cop is and are a shoo-in for promotion.

These cops forced commuters to see a portion of OurNation In Colour last week when they set up a roadblock along Church Street near Atteridgeville township.

They were there in full force and they thought they had the road and any alternative routes covered.

There was no place to hide and motorists were supposed to drive up and take their medicine like good boys.

Unfortunately, the taxi drivers were not keen on learning how many unpaid tickets they had run up.

They took a Sho't Left into a cleared space next to the road and made a run for the toll road.

There was a time when South African Tourism encouraged us to take aSho't Left and see more of our country.

It seems the drivers had not forgotten this exhortation.

They got off the road and drove between tree stumps in full view of the police.

The commuters started praying while the drivers did a slalom run between the trees.

Now the little forest was cut some time ago to make way for development. So the people had to be content at looking at the tree stumps.

In a way, perhaps it was an environmental tour on landscape damage.

Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk should give the taxi drivers medals for their initiative.

Some taxis did not have shock absorbers and the passengers were given a real workout.

The police could only look on while the taxis crossed no man's land to the toll road.

I bet you that next time the Metro cops will have chase cars waiting along the toll road.


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