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R212m missing from East Cape health coffers

Millions intended to be spent on the health needs of Eastern Cape residents have gone missing from d.

Some dietary tips for after an attack:

By unknown | Feb 02, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

l Following a healthy, balanced diet low in saturated fat is very important.

l Changes in food consistency might be necessary so that the food can be eaten with more ease.

l Avoid your stomach becoming distended by having too-large meals

l Eat enough fibre- rich foods and drink enough water. Consult your dietician for more specific guidelines.

l Avoid stimulants such as caffeine in coffee, tea, cola drinks and chocolate.

l Avoid alcohol at first

l Sufficient dietary intake is essential, but if the person is overweight, weight loss may be beneficial and a dietician should be consulted.


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