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Laila tells Gwen's hubby

By unknown | Jan 31, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Bongani Magasela

The animosity between antagonists Laila Ali and Gwendolyn O'Neil resurfaced yesterday.

It got worse after the pre-fight medical of their rematch at Emperors Palace on Saturday when Ali boldly told O'Neil's husband Ean Peters that "I will whip your ass too".

Peters, who promised Ali that his wife would pummel her, was in turn told by Ali in no uncertain terms that she would whip his ass too after she had finished with Gwendolyn.

"I saw you when you were talking too much, saying she would shock my world. You know what? When I am over with her, you would think you have a better chance - I'll whip your ass too."

Ali and O'Neil, the two female fighters who will clash for the second time in their professional careers, first gave reporters something to write home about just after stepping off the scales.

They both clenched fists, squared up against each other, staring straight into each other's eyes. Ali wore a black dress and O'Neil a red tracksuit with a bandana on her head.

Fancy hair styles are gone, in come cornrows - a sign of preparedness for war. Ali will defend her WBC and WIBA super middleweight titles. She requested O'Neil to talk first but the mean-looking challenger remained silent.

O'Neil's trainer, Lennox Daniels, took over, but was very brief in his address. He warned Ali sternly that the "Stealth Bomber" from Guyana is in South Africa to do business as well as making history by ending Ali's reign. That got the ire of "She Bee Stingin".

"Well, I am told, I have not seen it with my eyes, that Gwendolyn O'Neil predicted to journalists that I'm gonna be knocked out in the third round - can you elaborate on that sister?" she asked, passing the microphone over to O'Neil. "C'mon girl, you've gotta say it to me, come on."

"Jesus will do it," responded O'Neil.

Ali reminded her that O'Neil had said the same thing last time they fought.

"I am a spiritual person too. I believe in God, but Jesus is not gonna help O'Neil alone because God loves both of us. Last time she called me a devil and that really upset me. Come on give me some inspiration because I am not motivated now."


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